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Mapping the sea

Referring to the article, the goals of the scientific community by 2030 is to have no future on the ocean floor larger than 100m unmapped. This could lead to big discoveries and we can learn how deep and big the ocean is. This can benefit the future in predicting what areas still need to be looked into where there can be potential signs of wildlife. But in my opinion, I believe that the ocean is better left on it's own and we should all leave it at peace due to the fact that there is most likely some undiscovered species living at peace, and if we disturb it, it can potentially create a threat. But yet, we wouldn't know if this is able to happen if we don't find out, but I believe it is better to just leave it undiscovered. Also, leaving it undiscovered would be beneficial for us now since we have bigger problems to worry about such as pollution in our environment, and we don't have the time to look into big projects such as this.
Considering humans have only mapped a miniscual 5% of the ocean floor, I do believe it to be of great importance to spend more time and resources developing sciences understanding of what covers 71% of our world. However, I also believe that the small timeline of roughly only 13 years is too small of an estimate of a period of time to actually accomplish what scientists want to be done. I believe that by placing a great significance upon mapping the ocean floor, we may discover spieces in which have survived withiut speciation for a long period of time and through studying these new species, we may be able to understand more about the inner workings of the deep seas. Even though the deepest seas may not harbor any form of significant life, in my opinion I do believe that any chance to extend our knowledge of the world is a great opportunity to advance science, and therefore, mapping the ocean floor would allow for a deeper existential knowledge of life on earth.
We spend countless amounts of tie invested on finding out information about other things but our own planet. Truth is we haven't even reached 50% in unveiling everything that the Earth is all about. The scientific communities goal to map the ocean floor by 2030 is great, in fact advantageous for us to be able to grasp the deep sea. Even possibly open doors for new discoveries.This only causes an itch for me because of the animals that do live at sea. One of the scientists had said one had blown up. I mean can we insure they will be animal friendly? And how do we keep animals from tampering with what they are unfamiliar with? It's like expecting a baby to not touch a burning candle.

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