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Fungal disease poses global threat to snakes

A potentially deadly fungal disease, termed as snake fungal disease (SFD), has been found is 23 species of wild snakes. SFD can cause lesions in a snake's body, which can eventually lead to infection and death. These snakes getting blisters on their skin have been seen to die within a few days after being infected. The disease seems to be spreading all across the US and Europe. Moulting (the snake shedding its skin) is found to have helped some snakes. There are a lot of unknown elements with the SFD- scientists are not sure how it is influencing and affecting so many snake worldwide. They are keeping a close watch on the snakes, though, in order to discover how to prevent this disease from spreading any further. Treatments are starting to be done in labs in order to discover how to properly help snakes stay away from this fungal disease and run past the chance of dying from it. I believe tests should continue to be done in order to help snakes all around the world and help scientists better understand how to treat fungal diseases in general.

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