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Eight amazing science stories of 2017

This article discuses many of the extraordinary events that occurred throughout 2017. A few of my favourites discussed in the article are:
Cassini's final bow: An operational spacecraft was out in space for 13 years to better understand Saturn and its moons until its fuel tanks ran low and Nasa crashed it into Saturn's clouds to avoid collisions in space. We were able to discover much beneficial information about these bodies in space.
Paris pull-out: On June 1st, Donald Trump made the decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord and would only rejoin if there were new terms that more more beneficial for the US or if an entirely new transaction was created. This is a big jump for the United States in that Trump is willing to abandon an attempt in assisting the environment in order to better their economy and focus on continuing to strengthen their military.
Multiple "Earths": A planetary system with 7 Earth-sized planets was found. They are locked in a strange resonance around their star. Many of the planets were assumed to have a chance of life and water. 
Visitor from beyond: An extremely elongated asteroid named 'Oumuamua (meaning "a messenger from afar arriving first" in Hawaiian) was spotted. Its shape has left scientists baffled as an asteroid of this elongation has never been seen before.
Others discussed in this article are "Star crash", "Recent relative", "Dark skies", and "Giant iceberg".

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