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Gardens under threat from 'game changing' plant disease

A pest in Italy called Xylella fastidiosa has been wiping out entire olive groves. This is a growing concern in the UK. It has been noted to be able to infect more than 350 different plants and it has been stated as one of the most dangerous pathogens worldwide. Emergency measures are in place after there has been outbreak found in places such as Italy, France, Germany, and Spain. This disease could have major impacts on the UK's horticultural trade and the environment in general. It could drive some plant species to the point of extinction if it is not put under control. The RHS is implementing new principles in order to help mitigate risk from pests and diseases such as having all imported semi-mature trees to be held in isolation for 12 months before being planted in RHS gardens. I believe that it is essential for the RHS to continue to implement such principles in order to control and protect our environment. Plants provide us with essential elements we use in our everday lives. They provide us with medicines and food. It is best to continue to keep watch on this pest so we can better prevent massive spread of such things in the future.

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