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Pathogen Kills Plants

Stated in the article, a pathogen called Xylella fastidiosa is currently spreading and affecting plants by invading that plant vessels that transport water, killing off the plant. I believe that even though the problem isn't currently in North America yet, the UK and Europe currently need to take more serious measures than they currently have in order to find out a way to possibly get rid of this pathogen and prevent it from coming back. I believe that scientists should take precautions in order to prevent Xylella from coming into North America or anywhere else that it currently isn't, or to even prevent it from even affecting all types of plants instead of the current percentage that it currently does. Which is why it is important to study this pathogen to prevent further damage in the future.
After reading this article, I was surprised by how little emphasis is being placed upon Xylella fastidious within news outlets. With the potential to effect more than 350 different species of plants, it is evident that if scientists do not take the proper steps to prevent an outbreak of this plant disease it could be detrimental to already endangered plant species as well as those who are not yet considered to be endangered. With complete disregard for the amount of precipitation, even if it is in large amounts where a plant without Xylella fastidious would thrive within, the disease takes control of the plant by invading the vessels in which transport water and forcibly makes the plant wilt and eventually, die. Even though the plant has not yet reached North America, I believe that there should be a greater emphatic sense of urgency when it comes to preventing the spread of this plant disease. I believe that once a plant is found to have contracted the disease, it should immediately be secluded from any other plants to diminish any chance at spreading Xylella fastidious. In my opinion, many of the luxuries we as people take for granted start from plants, and therefore, without a greater sense of urgency placed upon preventing the disease, the world could possibly witness great losses.
After reading this article, I'm very surprised that this issue has not been highlighted in many news outlets. This outbreak seems very serious and Xylella fastidiosa seems like a very dangerous pest! If it could damage any type of plants and come through by imports and exports, the epidemic can become huge and unmaintainable! I think people should begin to put emphasis in this outbreak as it damages the centre of all of our food chains and can lead to much worse outbreaks globally! What they are doing so far seems like it's not enough, they should go further into research and develop ways to help the world protect the agricultural and any industry that is embedded in the environment as this pest can infest any crop it chooses!

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