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Decline in fires+methane

According to the source, since the 2000's the concentration of methane in the environment have been increasing. It is noted that when comparing carbon dioxide to methane, methane is 30 times better at trapping heat in the atmosphere. Which means even though CO2 is a threat to the ozone layer, methane is just as bad or even worse, and it is not being brought to our attention. Though, in the article it is also mentioned that one of the producers of methane is forest fires, in the past years, forest fires have been reduced and the numbers keep going down. But, the main source of methane in our environment is coming from fossil fuels, it is important that our generation begins to think about alternative resources in order to prevent excessive warming of our planet. I believe that we should all be more educated on the effect of methane in order to protect ourselves and future generations. That being said, there is not much that we can do as citizens, but rather the government should take in account these effects in order to inform companies what hazard they pose to nature and the environment.
It is great to hear that the numbers of fires are decreasing as it does damage large areas that are often populated by countless groups of animals and people alike, but it is saddening to hear that it comes with a cost and that cost is the increase in methane gas. I hope that with the new ideas like China creating the first ever Forest City (with over 1000000+ trees and such) and with the increasing focus on the environment by every country, that the gas levels with decrease and the world would become more liveable. I also agree with your opinion as we should continue to focus on finding new ways to decrease the effects of methane as it can help us in the long run! Plus we want to keep on living in this planet, so we should take part in changing our habits for the greater good!
CH4(a greenhouse gas) has been increasing rapidly. As well as methane which is increasing, microbial production is seen as the reason behind the subsequent rise.We focus more on the dangers of carbon dioxide and we have entirely focused on bringing it down that we forget about all the other gases that actually  play a role as greenhouse gases. Methane is by far the trickiest of them all.Something as simple as growing rice paddies is increasing traces of methane in the atmosphere. The fire reduction is but rather a positive side turn to what has happened but otherwise i believe that scientists should look more into traces of what is increasing our chances of global warming and make this known to everyone because we as people who roam this we have to take a part in trying to insure global warming doesn't take a drastic turn for the worst in years to come.

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