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Black Death 'spread by Humans'

This article highlights how our perception of the black death (or black plague) was actually wrong the entire time, that the cause of the spread of this epidemic was because of us humans. In my opinion; this article not only demonstrates how well our advancement in technology has become since the studies were done but as well, gives way to a brighter future where similar occurrences can be slim to none. Small advancements in our technology have helped us focus on decoding past historical events which can aid us greatly in the near future as we will become more prepared for what could happen. If we continue to find flaws and fix them using available technology, I think we would be able to help cure lots of people using the same data and help prevent huge outbreaks from happening again! I do hope that they continue to research more into the Renaissance era as well as other eras to help prevent catastrophes from happening or help prevent history from repeating itself.
Between the 14th and 19th Century, Europe saw a high spike of deaths due to a plague called the Black Death. For many years, there was the assumption that fleas that rode on rats were the cause of this plague to spread so vastly, killing over 25 million lives just within 4 years. Airborne transmission and fleas and lice that lived on humans were also said to cause a spread of the disease. After further analysis into these categories, scientists were able to claim that seven out of the nine cities they studied had a closer connection to the "human parasite model" being the cause of the outbreak. It was said that it could not have spread as quickly as it did by rats- it would make much more sense if the disease was transmitted by humans. I agree with Nicole that it is fascinating at how far our technology has come to lead us to these major scientific conclusions about our history. I hope we continue to uncover the mysteries of the past as our technology continues to advance over the coming years. With our advancements in technology improving so quickly, I believe in the future we can better predict when things like the Black Death will occur and we will better be able to prevent the spread of harm.
After analyzing the article, the first thing that struck me was how easily human perception of the past, or that of definitive history, can change almost instantaneously. For so long, scientists and historical minds were certain that a plague in which killed over 25 million people was to blame for a mere rodent. I, myself, was taught within social studies that the Bubonic plague, otherwise known as the black death, was due to rodent infestations, specifically flea ridden rats, within Europe. In my opinion, it is very fascinating how the human mind can develop technologies that not only allow us to delve deeper into historical tragedies such as the Black Plague, yet almost instantaneously re-write it altogether. I also agree with both Nicole's in saying that as technologies develop, who are we to know what definitively happened within the past without exploring every single possibility? If a major part of European history can be sourced from human's instead of rats, then is not all history before technology up for question? I believe that if we are able to create machines and techniques to find answers about the timeline of human history, we should place more resources, people and time into doing so.

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