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How flowering plants conquered the world.

This article highlights how scientists may have decoded an age-old mystery of how flowers actually are able to reproduce so quickly that they have covered such vast amounts of land. It may be all due to Angiosperms, which help take in more carbon dioxide by compacting more veins as well as compacting more pores. This advancement (personally) seems amazing as it helps uncover such a mystery that all of us have wondered at one point in our lives. It also helps any environmental advancements as we will be able to discover how to better our environment (through genetic modification and such). I think there are projects in China that are focusing on making a city completely covered in plants, so this information could help aid them in some point of the construction. This can also help aid a bunch of other fields, like the medical field and such. I hope they continue to research in plant cells as this could help us with many things. 

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