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Light shed on mystery space radio pulses

Astronomers assume that a strange source of recurring radio pulses (fast radio bursts) from space come from a dead stat located in a strong magnetic environment. There has been a total of 18 FRBs ("sizzles"/"flashes") discovered, but their nature has many questions around it. Some assume the mystery around it is from black holes or ET intelligence. The polarisation of the radio waves were seen to get twisted by an effect called Faraday rotation when they passed through a magnetic field. The twisting can also be seen as the source being located near a powerful nebula or supernova remnant. No one really understands or knows the mechanism behind this assumed to be rotating neutron star. Learning new and strange things about our universe everyday keeps me interested to find out more about topics such as FRB. It is interesting to find out that scientists are continuing to look into this- I would love to read up more in the future about what else has been discovered around this topic. I find it quite cool that we can notice things like this from billions of light-years away. Our technological advancements have made us discover more fascinating things about the universe around us.

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