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Theresa May defends 'long-term' plastic waste plan

Theresa May is continuing to defend her 25-year plan of protecting the environment and states that it is terrible to have taken so long to begin to take action. She wants to dive into the world of throwaway plastics by urging supermarkets to introduce "plastic-free" aisles and add extra charges on single-use items. She also wants a confirmation of the extension of the 5p charge for plastic bags, government funding for innovation, and commitment to help take on pollution and reduce plastic waste. She states that we have looked back and all of the horrible things we have done to our planet and continue to still make the same mistakes over and over. She believes plastic is a major problem and we must do something about all of this waste that not only harms us on land, but the species in our waters, too. It is a goal to get young-voters involved to start making a change. I believe Theresa putting her foot down in this matter is a excellent way of finally getting an important message across. If we want to have a beautiful nature and healthy environment, we must take action now before everything gets worse.

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