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Why are there so few female engineers?

This article tells of two amazing women who are carving the path for many more in the career of engineering and science altogether. These women, Priyanka Dhopade and Gladys Ngetich, are two of the United Kingdom's pioneers in an occupation in which the number of females trail there male counterparts heavily. I was truly touched by the dedication and will both women spoke with, within this article. As a woman looking into a future career within the sciences, it showcased to me how important prominent female role models within occupations, such as engineering can be. Within a changing world dynamic, it is no longer taboo to be a woman within a prominent role of education and have a higher class occupation, as it would have been in the past. Priyanka Dhopade and Gladys Ngetich are only two women, but their message is bigger than simply two voices. As important as engineering is, it is good to see that many different people of different genders, ethnicity and race are being exposed to it. In my opinion, the more people that are thriving to make the world a better place by the means of innovation, can only do good to our society as a whole.
This article is based on breaking the stereotypes set by society. What these women are doing is empowering because it breaks the status quo that a scientific job or any type of job is for certain types of people. Personally i believe that any profession is for anyone. It shouldn't matter your gender, your race, ethnicity or religion. We do need more females in science professions. We need more Marie Curie's in our generation. It is astonishing Priyanka and Gladys's story regarding their engineering classes but i do agree with their message to encourage people to go against the negative judgements of society.

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