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Most new cars must be electric!

We went from an idea to a full blown plan in order to better the environment. There have been attempts at a global uniformed way to tackle the global warming issue and it seems other countries are even more committed. "Most new cars must be electric by 2030" is a innovative plan to reduce the excess carbon dioxide emissions that we are responsible for pretty much every day. This is an idea that i fully believe that it can be accomplished in the time frame that they have set especially because there are other manufacturers who are already at work, and have prototypes ready. As well as the fact that we have smart cars to this day but of course they are finding ways to make them even better and improved. One problem they may have to face is actually getting countries to be fully invested in their ideas. As humans it is psychologically proven that we don't like change. Personally i believe it is an option worth trying and also because we live in a technology invested time. Sooner or later it was going to happen.
I agree that by 2030, all cars should be electric in order not only to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but to create a pathway for new technologies to be discovered. With the creation of these electric cars it is important that while in the process of creating electric cars in order to achieve environmental goals, the government should also invest in solar panels in order to charge these cars so people aren't reliable on burning fossil fuels and giving off pollution to our environment. I believe that we will be able to make all cars electric by 2030 since highly efficient cars such as Tesla's already exist, but the only problem being is making these cars cheap enough so that everyone will be able to afford one, instead of relying on gas powered vehicles.

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