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Moustached monkey :)

There truly is more to discover in life on Earth. A patas monkey with a moustache was discovered and identified to be set apart as its own species. An old classification had stated that there were about 150 different types of patas monkeys but was recently changed to say that there is just one.The newly recognised patas monkey lives in a different region separated from the rest of the other patas monkeys. And of course certain precautions need to be taken in order to understand this specie and find a way to protect it from any threats. The article states of other discoveries too. It's fascinating to think there are animals either from cross breeding or because of natural selection that exist but we don't know of them.
In my opinion, it is important that scientists and zoologists go into depth when finding new animals or seeing a unique trait that they have because it made lead to new species being discovered. The discovery of the moustached monkey was misinterpreted and ended up leading the zoologists to discovering other animals that related to this monkey. Concepts of species and relating them to each other is important in order to study fossils that can lead to new knowledge of evolution in history.

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