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Mystery death-off of antelopes

It seems all the cards are stacking up against antelopes. This article highlights on the first actual concrete evidence found as to the mysterious die off of antelopes in 2015. Global warming is not affecting us alone. Due to increase in weather conditions a bacteria infection in antelopes which had proved to not be of extreme concern is now a danger to them especially because of the increase in high humidity and temperatures. The antelopes all died within days in Kazakhstan. Scientists reported that it seems reindeer might be affected too. There is a theoretical chance that in the years to come the saiga antelopes may be extinct due to the fact that they are being poached as well as the habitat loss and the grassland fires its hard to predict if they will still be present. I believe it deserved to be enlisted as an endangered  animal and that all the serious measures taken to preserve other animals the same should be done for them.
I agree that antelopes should be enlisted on the endangered species list in order to bring awareness of what is currently happening in Kazakhstan to these animals. Although, even though high humidity and temperatures were a factor of these deaths, in the source it states that what the deaths were actually caused by a bacterial infection. Since Kazakhstan is in Europe, it would usually average to a temperature of 30 degrees, so I believe that the deaths were in fact only caused by a bacterial infection, and that the "factors of high humidity" could have just made these animals more prone to getting this bacterial infection. All in all, I believe that scientists should study what caused this bacterial infection in order to ensure that it cannot effect other animals in other high climate high humidity countries.

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