Poll: Do we have the right to turn Mars into Earth v.2
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Rocket Man

At this point I believe everyone knows of Elon Musk besides Patrick Star (since he lives under a rock). Growing up loving Star Wars and Star Trek I love the idea of exploring the unknown majesty of space and it is difficult not to idolize him. I do however have a problem with one of his ideas. He claims to be a humanitarian being the owner of Tesla but he plans to teraform another planet. If humans can't take care of one planet what right do we have to ruin another? And after mars, the planet he plans to teraform, how many more will there be?
I agree that humans lack of responsibility has nearly ruined this planet. But with that said there are theories out there stating that Mars at one point was actually just like earth with abundant forests and massive oceans but through similar events taking place on mars the environment has already been destroyed and Tesla's idea to terraform may even rejuvenate the once "earth like" mars. Saying that, if this theory is true which could be proven by experiments conducted when humans potentially arrive at mars, this could also advance the knowledge scientists have about extra terrestrial life on mars or any life that was there in the past. It would be very fascinating to see sites at Mars dug up to try to find traces of this once beautiful planet before it was destroyed and left as this barren red rock planet.
I also agree that we should questions our right to terraform a planet, after all that we’ve done to this one. But when you think about the exploitation of the resources we currently have on our planet, by the first world country’s and rich corporations. What would say the exact same would not happen on another planet.

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