Poll: Do we have the right to turn Mars into Earth v.2
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Rocket Man
I'm of a different opinion. I believe that it would be beneficial to use the resources on mars and to terraform the planet because it could save Earth from much more trouble. As you have all stated, our use of resources on Earth has had some very detrimental consequences on the environment. If we could essentially outsource that resource abuse to another planet it could help us to preserve our world. If we lose Earth, humans are done for. Earth is just too valuable, but we can always find another planet like mars.

Of course, there will have to be restrictions on mars in terms of consumption, just as on Earth. Companies will not be able to take whatever they want whenever: we still have to promote sustainable development. I also agree with Armann, who says that the colonization of mars could even rejuvenate the planet's natural environment. All in all, here's what I say: it's there, nobody else is going to do anything with it, so why not use the planet to further human development? If we leave it alone nothing will ever come of it.

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