Poll: Do we have the right to turn Mars into Earth v.2
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Rocket Man
This question is very generic and I can see different interpretations of it. 

If the correct interpretation is "should we humans have the right to exploit Mars' resources just as we have done on Earth?" then I would agree that we do have the right. It is right to say that we have drastically damaged the Earth with our excessive use of burning fossil fuels and releasing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. However there is more to explain on the issue rather than exclaiming that we should refrain from doing the same to Mars' environment. That being said, Mars does not have a suitable environment capable of hosting life (For all we know, it could have in the past, but it's ability to do that has faded since then) therefore I do not expect there to be environmental and social obstacles while we extract resources from the red planet. That isn't to say that there won't be any territorial conflicts. On the contrary, countries will have many territorial disputes over who gets to own what mine or location or landmark, when we arrive to that situation.

If the other interpretation is correct, that being "should we terraform Mars into a suitable living condition like Earth?" I would also have to agree. Again, what's the harm in manipulating an extraterrestrial planet if it doesn't contain any life forms? It would most likely serve as valuable experience to us humans to transform Mars' desolate and extinct landscape into more or less a luscious territory like Earth because we get to practice our terraforming techniques so that we can polish our world a bit or even better, apply our knowledge on this matter to other planets so that we can set up permanent residence on a distant world.

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