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No more plastic straws?

Michael Gove, environmental secretary, suggests that plastic straws could be banned in Britain. Michael believes that if removing plastic straws is good for the environment, then it isn't a bad thing. Millions of plastic are found trashed along beaches and the rest of the environment, and that 8.5 billion straws are used by the UK, leading them to be one of the top 10 items found in beach clean ups.

As someone who doesn't really use straws, I don't think banning straws would be a bad thing. Straws aren't a necessity in life, at least for me, and is something just for added convenience. Coincidentally, I'm currently drinking vanilla coke from a plastic straw, in a plastic cup; nevertheless, if I were to be drinking from a glass cup with no straw, it wouldn't be problem for me. Plastics of all sorts are a harmful thing to not only nature but animals and us. They can take decades to decompose and most aren't exactly reusable, causing them to pollute the earth. The plastics that get thrown into the ocean is especially sad to me because of the creatures that may die from swallowing them or even getting injured by the jagged, sharp edges of the broken, more thicker plastic. With the effects to the world along with hardly any good reasons to keep plastic straws in our lives, I think that removing plastic straws all together from one place in the world is a good start for us to get involved in not only making the environment healthier, but preserving the environment we have and might lose.
In the article Michael Gove suggested that there should be no more use of plastic straws and that they should be banned altogether. I have a strong opinion towards this because I agree with him and I understand why he believes so strongly in this. I really connect with this article as I used to work as a busses at a restaurant, My job wasn’t to clean the tables when everyone was finished with their meals. In this job I always hadn’t the opportunity to see how much of a waste that the cheap plastic straws really were. They were used in every drink no matter what it was, even if it was just on the the side and wasn’t even used they’d still be thrown away after every single meal. I believe there really isn’t that good of a reason for them especially if an individual doesn’t use the straw.

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