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Alzheimer's Research
This article showcases four scientists who have won the 1 million dollar Euro brain prize for their work in Alzheimer's Research. By studying genetic errors and key protein changes, the scientists are hopeful that new treatments for Alzheimer's can be found. Alzheimer's among other dementia's affect 50 million people world wide and therefore, a new treatment plan would be huge for the overall understanding as well as curing of this disease. As an individual in which has family history of Alzheimer's, it makes me happy to see that there are improvements within the research and that more time and effort are being dedicated to different kinds of dementia's, taking into consideration the numerous amount of people it directly as well as indirectly affects. The idea the scientists have been working on is called the amyloid cascade hypothesis and even though it has been a main idea within Alzheimer's research for the past 30 years, these men have provided key insights towards the main problems behind the disease. With the money they have won, a portion of it will be allotted to further research and insight into their hypothesis about a specific protein that changes within a specific gene. If there is a way to cure, or even slow down the progression of Alzheimer's as well as other dementia's, I believe that through further investigation within the topic as well as more dedication towards a specific plan of action for treating people with the disease, the future of Alzheimer's research is very hopeful thanks to the research of these four scientists among many other's dedicating their time to the same cause.  

I am hopeful that we are soon able to make great strides in dementia and Alzheimer's research. As somebody who has never been touched by any form of dementia, even in the large groups of people that I know, I never felt like I fully understood the disease. I do understand, however, that it is very common, especially in older people, and that it affects tens of millions of people and their families worldwide. I hope that this 1 million dollar prize will motivate more researchers to work to defeat all forms of dementia, Alzheimer's included. Another interesting thing to take note of is the variation of approaches that scientists are taking to their research. Some focus on people's genetic disposition to the disease, while others focus on the causes, and still others into the proteins which build up and begin to cause dementia. I think that will all of the different angles that we are taking, we are bound to find something incredible, and soon.
Although Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia found in adults, there is little known about how to treat it or it’s cause. Alzheimer’s begins with anterograde amnesia, or not being able to form new memories. As the disease progresses there is now retrograde amnesia, or the forgetting of old memories. The loss of memory becomes more and more severe over time and, eventually, a person with Alzheimer’s will forget virtually everything that they experience or have experienced. It is known that when a person has Alzheimer’s, the neurotransmitter that is responsible for forming new memories (which is known as acetylcholine) begins to break down. As of right now, there are treatments that can slow Alzheimer’s but none that can put a stop to it, or reverse it. I hope that this million dollar prize will give scientists a little more motivation in their research. Using the money prize, I hope that scientists will be able to go in the right direction and eventually find some leads as to what the cause of Alzheimer’s is, or to find some new treatment options. In the end, I also believe that, with many different scientists studying at many different angles, we will be able to discover new things about Alzheimer’s and different types of dementia very soon. I hope that we will be able to find a cure or a way to stop Alzheimer's soon.

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