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The Death of a Great.
After being wheelchair bound at age 22 by motor neurone disease (ALS [like the ice bucket challenge]), falling into a deep cycle of depression, being told he had only few years to live, and then living to the ripe young age of 76, the dearly beloved Stephen Hawking has passed away. The brilliant physicist known for his work with black holes and relativity, along with his quick wit and famous speech synthesizing device is regarded one of the greatest minds in the history of physics. Hawking recieved many awards including but not limited to the "Fundamental Physics Prize" and the "Presidential Medal of Freedom" to add to his astounding collection off notaries and publications (books and papers) and impressive theorems. If you are more interested in his life, Hawking's Wikipedia page is quite an interesting read or you could get his book "My Brief History" which I have not read so can not recommend.
Stephen Hawking has brought physics into modern day society by largely popularizing it through his great influence within popular culture and media. However, Stephen Hawking is more than simply just renowned for his work within the field black holes, he is also strongly admired for his resilience and unrelenting determination to continue his studies, even when he became trapped within his own body by ALS. He is also largely in part remembered for his humour and wit. Not many scientists have become common household names, yet, whenever the name Stephen Hawking is mentioned, everyone in the room instantly knows who he is, and what great accomplishments he has made. Which allows the reach of physics and science to reach everyday life. What personally inspires me about the legacy Professor Hawking leaves in his absence, is the way in which he proved that the worth and intelligence of an individual goes far beyond physical confines, and that truly if you have enough passion, anything is possible. Stephen Hawking showcased that even if he had no physical control over his own body, he had control over his perseverance and mental strength, which I believe, is what truly sets him apart from all of his predecessors. Also, within main stream society, many individuals deem the physically handicapped to be less than that of the able-bodied public. However, Stephen Hawking shattered this preconceived notion of hate and displayed that everyone should be given equal opportunities, because everyone has potential within them and that simply because someone cannot display their intelligence within societal norms, does not mean that they should be ignored because of a prejudice. The loss of Stephen Hawking is a great loss to the science world. He will be missed.

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