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Shoeing Gum: Recycling our Waste
This article brings to light a new solution to an issue which has plaguing the world for decades: gum. Gum is the second most common type of litter created worldwide, only after cigarette butts. If you have ever had a piece of gum stuck to your shoe, pants, or even your backpack, I'm sure you can testify that it is difficult to get rid of. But what if you could instead make that gum on your shoe a part of it? Anna Bullus had the idea to recycle normal chewing gum for use in the fashion industry. The main component of gum: the gum base, (or polyisobutylene) has properties very similar to those of plastic, and is perfectly fine to recycle. By setting up large pink collection bins in many public places, Anna is able to lower the amount of gum litter on the streets while she recycles that into her products. By first grinding the gum down and then combining it with other plastic polymers, Anna creates a compound which is made from at least 20% chewing gum, and has identical properties to the standard product used in the industry. Anna Bellus has since gained support from government and corporations alike for her creative solution to the problem of gum littering the streets.

I think this is a very innovative and creative idea to reduce the littering of gum! To start, I really don't understand why some people have to spit their gum out on the concrete or stick it under a desk. Not only is it disgusting, it just shows that someone is lazy and irresponsible. It's not hard to get up and spit your gum out into a garbage can. Please, as someone who's touched dry and fresh, wet gum from a desk and chair, as well as stepped in gum that refused to come out (they were on my jordans, too) the topic of trashed gum makes me cringe. So to see that turning gum into the sole of a shoe or into cups, and it's actually making people throw their gum out into the right place, makes me a little less bitter. If this method of recycling gum can be implemented everywhere, that would be great. I'm all about the encouragement of recycling and reducing the amount of trash.
I find that Anna Bullus’ plan to recycle chewing gum is a very creative way to decrease the littering of gum. Having a way to recycle gum, which was previously a single-use item, would provide great benefit to the earth. Considering the fact that gum is the second most common type of litter created worldwide, it would significantly reduce the amount of litter in our world. Not only would it reduce the amount of litter in our world, but it also provides us with materials to create other products such as shoes and cups, improving our sustainability of materials. The only problem now, is motivating people to actually throw their gum out into the pink bins instead of just spitting it on the ground, or sticking it under a table. Still, it is nice to see new innovative ways of reducing litter and pollution on earth. I am glad that Anna Bullus’ plan to recycle gum has gained support from governments and corporations. I think that this is a very great start to reducing littering and I hope that we will be able to find more ways to reduce littering in our world, as well as new ways to recycle different types of waste.

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