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The destruction of coral reefs

Coral reefs are home to the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, and provide a safe shelter for marine animals during tropical storms. In addition to benefiting ocean life, coral reefs support the fishing industry and encourage tourism in places like Australia. However, these benefits may start to die out along with the coral. Resulting from increased CO2 gas emissions, ocean acidity is also increasing causing damage to coral. Water saturated with carbon dioxide causes a drop in the amount of calcium carbonate taken out of the water by coral, restricting the coral from being able to repair and reproduce. This effect of carbon dioxide gas emissions isi not well known, and therefore there currently is not a lot of action taken to help the dying coral reefs. I belive that more should be done to raise awareness of our effects on coral reefs, and what will happen to our eath if they die out.
It is very saddening to see coral reefs, one of the ocean’s most diverse ecosystems, being threatened by carbon dioxide emissions. A decline in coral reefs would threaten the earth’s biodiversity. I agree that we should raise awareness on the damage we are doing to our coral reefs through carbon dioxide emissions. The ocean is slowly becoming more and more acidic, and as it gets more acidic, the more it impacts our oceans. The article states that, before industrialization, the ocean had a pH of 8.2. Since then, the pH has dropped to 8.0 which may seem like a small change, but it has made a significant impact on the ecosystem. Carbon emissions and a lowering pH puts ocean life at danger and even kills some ocean life. Two of the largest carbon sinks on earth are found in trees and in the ocean. The ocean floor serves as a carbon sink, storing some of the carbon dioxide that we are emitting. However, people have been digging and drilling the ocean floor to obtain fossil fuels. If this continues, it will only further damage coral reefs and the earth’s ecosystem.
It is very disappointing that one of the worlds greatest ecosystems, The Great Barrier Reef, is being destroyed by CO2 within the atmosphere; something that can be directly traced back to humans and our poorly controlled emissions of greenhouse gases. Coral Reefs are one of the worlds most complex ecosystems, giving shelter and food amoung other things to many forms of life. However, the recent pH change which increases the overall acidity within the ocean, has been threatening their existence. Without coral reefs, many species of underwater life will face the repercussions of our reckless use of excess green house gases. In my opinion, this issue should not be taken lightly. The evident bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef has been displayed and has been increasingly getting worse over the past couple years, which needs to be stopped. One of the worlds greatest harbourers of life is being destroyed because humans have little to no consideration for the ecosystems that do not directly affect them. However, as awareness is being raised, there should be a larger emphasis placed upon this issue, because without coral reefs, the working dynamic of underwater life will change forever and may reach the point of it being irreversible.

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