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Secret files in DNA??

An American company has figured out a way to store computer files onto a DNA code, discovered by British scientists. By using binary code with genetic code, scientists are able to put a single file on a DNA code, which shows to be almost invisible. Doctor Emily Leproust says, that if all the data on the internet were to be stored on the DNA codes, it could all be fit into a shoe box, which is stunning considering there is probably more than a billion pieces of data on the internet. This would probably save so much space not only on the internet, but also the hard drives, USBs, memory cards and more that we throw somewhere in our home. In the video, they didn't really mention where the DNA code would go: if it would be with the person or stored in the laboratory and that makes me curious as to what this will take the CIA, military, etc. with the use of this method of storing files. I imagine that if this will be open to the public to do, the cost wouldn't be something that a normal person could afford. If the DNA code in fact would stay with the person, this could be a way to hide secret files from others, especially in the military. It seems like this discovery is very beneficial for not only convenience but the secrecy of storing files. I'd like to see if this will go further and actually become used by people in the future.

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