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We are drinking Plastic!

Here I am with another response to plastic, but instead of talking about the detrimental effects of plastic, this time I'll be talking about the consumption of plastic. That's right, consumption. If you have ever drank bottled water from a store, then you can say that you've ate plastic and lived. Now, obviously, you and I never knew we were actually consuming plastic and that's because the particles are so small. However, even if they were small enough to not cause harm to us as the article stated, it is still concerning. Scientists at State University of New York in Fredonia conducted an experiment where they filtered the water with a dye and some of the plastics particles became easy to see, a lot being even larger than a human hair. Other researchers have even found plastic in tap water, seafood, beer, sea salt and the air! Plastic is everywhere, all around us, and there's no denying that. Even though we are able to safely digest these small pieces of plastic, where it thankfully doesn't cut our bowels, I don't think I'll be able to get the fact out of my head that I'm pretty much eating plastic. Hopefully this doesn't become a bigger problem, where we might be swallowing bigger pieces of plastic that may cause harm or more of it. I'll try to convince myself that it's fine to drink water, though I know I'll cringe every time I take a sip of Canada's natural spring water, with a touch of plastic.

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