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Horned Dinosaurs

In the past, it has been previously thought that the horns on dinosaurs were there in order to differentiate between species. It was also believed that the dinosaurs used their horns for fighting and defence against predators, as well as regulating their body temperature. However, recently, scientists and researchers have found that the reason horns may have been there is actually in order to attract mates. The researchers state that triceratopses using their horns to attract mates is similar to peacocks using their tail feathers. In the beginning, the study was launched to figure out whether or not the horns and frills on triceratopses was to distinguish between different species. Instead, they found that, although the horns could have been used for distinguishing between species and defence, the horns were not important to the triceratops’ evolution. The article states that there will be further research into figuring out what dinosaur horns are truly for. I always thought that dinosaurs had horns in order to protect themselves from other dinosaurs, so it is interesting to learn something new. Even though dinosaurs have lived so long ago and research has been going on for quite some time, we are still able to find new things to research. It is very interesting and exciting to know that, even today, we are able to learn and discover so many new things about dinosaurs, and that there are still so many things we have yet to discover. Further research is being done daily in order to discover how dinosaurs lived in the past.
It's quite interesting to read articles such as this. All along, we've pictured dinosaurs as scary and monstrous beings (well they are), but all along they could've just been hopeless romantics! Anyways, I agree with what you said. I have always thought that the horns' sole purpose was to either protect themselves or attack others. Even with such a huge gap between the time of the dinosaurs and our time, we are still able to uncover these weird and interesting details about the way of life back then. Simply amazing.
I find it strange that that would be the use for the horns. I mean maybe they could be used for attracting mates more similarly to the use of antlers on deer and moose where they fight other males, seeking out their mate, with their horns and the winner of the fight would get the doe. But I guess chivalry might not be dead after all (Even though the dinosaurs died millions of years ago).

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