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Animals' Popularity "A Disadvantage"
This article highlights the fact that most people believe that the animals that are most likely to be seen within media are in abundance and safe from extinction. Yet, they are not. Because these 'charismatic' animals are used within advertising, television and movies that are viewed so commonly, the public does not believe that these specific species need any help whatsoever. This is a disadvantage to animals that are decreasing in numbers within their own habitats because they are not receiving the help they need. Awareness about these animals increasing likelihood of endangerment or extinction is not as prominent as it should be. These charismatic animals include: tigers, lions, elephants and giraffes. Dr. Courchamp, the study's lead author, proposes that companies should have to copyright these endangered species in order to use them within their logos or advertising. Even though he see this as reasonable, I personally cannot see any major corporations wanting to do this. Instead, I would propose that instead of the copyright, the company should somehow integrate awareness of the animal within their advertising as a form of increasing recognition of the true problems many species have within the wilderness as their prosperity continues to fall. Just because you may see many of these animals on the internet or on the television does not mean that they are thriving. Just as this article highlight's it is important to make known to the public that nine of the ten most known animals in the world are on a list of endangered species. I believe if more people within the general public knew this, a greater step could be taken in order to help protect the world's most 'charismatic' animals. 

The issue of the extinction of wild animals is a worldwide problem, and affects more than just the most popular of animals. Although many of the most popular of animals are considered threatened, endangered, or even critically endangered, I believe that society as a whole will not let these animals go extinct. Because they get so much recognition from the media worldwide, there is support from them. Animals like tigers, elephants, gorillas, giraffes, etc are some of the most common in zoos around the world, and are often some of their biggest assets. Although they are in trouble out in the wild, they are safe in captivity, and that is a lot better than the 100-200 estimated species around the world which go extinct every 24 hours.

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