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Gender Gaps in Physics.

In this article, it is said that the gender gap in physics will take generations to close, and I can't help but agree.

The University of Melbourne states that "without further interventions, the gender gap is most likely to persist for generations."  It is said that physics, computer science, chemistry and math had the fewest woman. Most subjects related to this filed is made of 45% women and while the amount of women is increasing nowadays, the number is still substantially low compared to men. I wonder why this is the case. Is it because most females are just not interested in the fields of math and science? Is it the amount of difficulty, or could it be the unfair treatment in the workplace in terms of pay? It is suggested that it may take 60-320 years for the gaps to close. That's just astonishing to me. Excluding chemistry and mathematics, I am a witness of the gender gap in physics though. In my physics class, there is only three girls in a class of about twenty people, including me. I actually didn't pay attention to the female-male ratio at first, until a teacher came in one time and was shocked by the only three girls in the class. That's when I realized there really is a gender gap, and it's a mystery to me as to why. I assume it's just a lack of interest, or maybe they just don't need it to do what they want to do. There has been things that could be used to help the gap, like reforming publishing, ensuring equal resources etc. but most people do not care enough to do anything about it. A friend of mine wants to go into computer science, so I wish the best of luck to her. I hope that in the future, the gender gaps will lessen and we will have more women in the areas of physics, because I'll definitely be rooting for them.
I too have noticed this significant gender gap within many science or math related areas. As a woman who will be further pursuing a science field within university next year, it will be interesting to see if there is a large gender gap within my classes, and even this year in my physics class, there is significantly more males as compared to females. However, I do not believe this gap is due to lack of interest from woman towards scientific fields, yet, I believe this gap stems from a time when women in professional fields were disregarded just because they were, in fact women. As a high school student, most of my female friends, including myself, are pursuing careers or an academic route that is focused around the sciences. Therefore I do not see that the gap is due to lack of interest. I also believe that even though it may seem disheartening to have such a significant gap within physics related areas, it is also a good sign that the gap is slowly closing, and that instead of focusing on the negative statistics, we should look to the numbers that prove that women are truly starting to make an impact in the science field. I also hope that in the future the gender gap will lessen and be less intimidating than it is now.

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