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How birds survived the asteroid strike - Theory

The theory states, "The ancestors of modern birds may have survived the asteroid strike that wiped out the rest of their kin by living on the forest floor."

This theory talks about and explains how birds survived the asteroid strike and came to dominate the planet today. As we all know, the asteroid ultimately wiped out most forestation and animals. The plant fossil record shows that it destroyed the habitats of tree-dwelling animals, where birds would be living on the ground then. A thousand years later when the forests recovered, the birds wold move back into trees again. Researchers discovered that when birds started living in trees again they began to adapt to living there usually, gaining shorter legs than the birds who lived on the ground. I reckon that this is also why the birds species also evolved to become much smaller as well, eventually evolving to ostriches, chickens, then ducks etc. I think that this theory could be true to an extent, but it just leaves so many questions unanswered. For example, how would birds be able to survive in the first place from the massive destruction that took place? Even if they hid in the ground, it just doesn't make sense as to how a massive creature like a t-rex could not survive and the birds could. However, it is left open ended. Maybe t-rexes did survive but died soon after. Who knows? I always find the past interesting. Especially the prehistoric era. I'm sure there are even more theories out there besides this one.

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