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Are captive dolphins "happy"?

A lot of people tend to think that animals in captivity is automatically a no, that they should be in the wild, or with their family. That zookeepers and such are brutal and mistreat the animals; that humans shouldn't even have contact or a relationship with wild animals. It is a pretty debatable subject. In this article though, scientists measure the happiness of dolphins in captivity. This is the first time that scientists are measuring an animal's happiness, which is kind of questionable to think why they didn't do it sooner, but as the saying goes, better late than never. The project was conducted at a marine park near Paris. They designed experiments to try to decode dolphin behavior, wanting to find out what activities the dolphin liked the most. "To work this out, she tested three activities: a trainer coming and playing with dolphins; adding toys to the pool; and a control, which meant leaving the dolphins to their own devices." The result came out to be one that people who are against animal captivity wouldn't expect: they enjoyed playing with the trainer the most. It was the same thing seen in other zoo and farm animals. As said in the article, "I think that wild dolphins are happier in the wild, and captive-born dolphins are much happier in captivity. They're born here - it is their life. And it's our priority to look after them." I think this is what we can conclude from animals living in captivity and vice-versa. If an animal is born in the zoo, marine park, zoo etc. then it is our responsibility to take care of them. Since they are growing up there, it is only natural for them to get used to that and think of that as home. However, if a animal is born in the wild and being forced into captivity, I think that's where the problems come in. I just hope for the animals in captivity and out to be happy and live a good life- which brings another point, animals in captivity are known to live longer, which is another plus. 

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