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Large Hadron Collider upgrades

The Large Hadron Collider is the world's largest and most powerful particle collider; it is the most experimental facility ever built and is the largest single machine. Using thousands of magnets to steer two beams of proton particles around a 27km long circular tunnel, it is located 100m underground. It is enormous. The two beams circulate in opposite directions at speeds close to the speed of light and some points in tunnel, the beams cross over, making the proton particles to collide. The idea was that smashing the proton beams together using the LHC would proved evidence of previously unseen cases in physiscs including sub-atomic particles. The LHC is going to undergo construction to receive new upgrades! A ceremony was even held to celebrate the beginning of the construction. The upgrades for the LHC will boost the accelerator's potential for new discoveries in physics, estimated in 2026, which is a long way, but most important constructions always take a long time unfortunately. The upgrades are said to allow us to explore much deeper into the universe, look at extremely rare processes and study particle physics better. What scientists are trying to dive into using the LHC is the cloud of particles. Their theory is that if the cloud is smaller and more compressed, they can increase the probability of collisions between to particle clouds. The construction will cost £720 million which translates to billions of dollars. That's just insane, and for the future discoveries of physics. Hopefully, the huge investments that go to the LHC will be worth it, and we will be able to find out something astonishing.

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