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Chemical pollution in earths waters
Article -

This talks about how the increased chemical pollution our environment is threatening the lives of animals more specifically orcas and the chemicals polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB). PCBs are manmade organic compounds used in electronics and have been banned in canada since 1977 but have leaked into the ocean threatening the lives of its inhibitors. What do you guys think nations should do to try and avoid this happening in the future and thoughts on the situation.
I think to decrease the risk of PCB's getting leaked, the government should do thorough searches of PCB's in homes and even in the sewers, etc. anywhere there is a risk of them being released into the ocean and killing the beautiful animals of the ocean. I think it is horrible that these have been released into the ocean, if it can cause cancer to humans imagine what it can do to animals.
I think countries needed to become more aware of what chemicals they were using and how harmful they were. They needed to think through how to dispose of and properly contain harsh chemicals like PCB's sooner. Many nations ignored, or were not aware of how bad PCB's are, and the ocean is now suffering because of it. Tests or studies should of been done in the past to examine the effects the PCB's on creatures around the world. It seems like society looked the other way, and  just assumed any chemical that was created was fine for use, and had no consequences.

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