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New Images From Ryugu Asteroid Surface

In this article, the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) has sent 2 rovers called Rover 1A, and Rover 1B on a journey to this asteroid called Ryugu for about three and a half years. They have finally arrived and have sent images and video recording from the surface. This is an important breakthrough and accomplishment for JAXA, because this asteroid is very old, and could contain valuable research opportunities, which could lead to important discoveries. Whenever contact is made with another mass in space, there is another chance at finding something new in our universe, or discovering something about the beginning of the universe. This asteroid is 200 million miles away from earth, and is considered very close! Overall, This article outlines another advancement in the scientific and astronomical field, and could potentially help us learn more about space. 

This video below outlines the rovers landing on Ryugu

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