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First Exomoon Found (Maybe)

Hello, this article entails the possible discovery of the first known moon outside our solar system, called the exomoon. This exomoon was discovered by astronomers using NASA´s Kepler. It is reported that this moon has a mass that is similar to Jupiter, but with a size close to Neptune´s. Although this discovery has come about, scientists and astronomers are still very far away from being in a position to confirm this. More research needs to be conducted.

There has been a hunt for exoplanets for many years now, but the hunt for exomoons is also something that exists. Current techniques that are used to detect exomoons are still improving, that is why there is a sense of uncertainty about these objects in space. While researchers were monitoring a planet that's called 1625b, they discovered the exomoon as it passed the front of the parent star near where they had been researching. It would however take a very long time for humans to reach the exomoon as it is approximately 8000 light years away from earth. The researchers were able to gather evidence on the basis that there was shadows in the star and that there was also gravitational pull on the planet. This is therefore leading astronomers to this belief.

With growing curiosity in our world about space, discoveries like these are important. It contributes to not only our knowledge in physics, but also the world. If we know more about our world, we can expand it to what we know outside our world, which leads to many other things along the way.

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