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First Exomoon Found (Maybe)
(10-22-2018, 01:53 PM)Evan Yeremy Wrote:
(10-22-2018, 12:56 PM)Blake Cherpin Wrote:
(10-17-2018, 06:07 AM)Tamara Taylor Wrote:
(10-09-2018, 02:03 PM)Brandon McCabe Wrote:
(10-07-2018, 10:03 AM)Radu Almasanu Wrote: maybe there is a solar system that is the same with ours, and we found it by looking for planets to know what's around us, exomoon might help us find a life that had evolved for that specific planet environment, well only time will tell I guess.

I do not think it will be very long. Our technology our scientists have developed are state of the art, discoveries come every day. It would not surprise me if within 10-15 years that we find not only other planets, but also life outside earth as well. For science, it is a great time to be alive to witness the incredible discoveries humans make.

Although I agree with you in terms of the technology scientists have developed are state of the art, I do not agree with you in saying that in 10-15 years we will find other planets and life outside of Earth. The technology that we have now is remarkable, but I'm not sure it is developed enough to make such catastrophic discoveries within our life time. In order to find other planets and life, scientists need an in depth idea and understanding of everything that happens in space and I do not believe that our knowledge and technology is at that point yet. The discovery of other planets outside of our solar system could possibly maybe be discovered in our lifetime, however the discovery of other life forms, in my opinion, will not occur in our lifetime.
 I also agree, 10-15 years seems too close for us to discover life beyond earth. For that to happen, I feel like we would need to expand our search and have even better equipment. Also, the universe is so vast (obviously), that it may just be really difficult to find life because of how many exoplanets there are (over 2000 confirmed). Some exoplanets we have already discovered may have life already, but life on that planet may be at the microscopic level, so we are not able to pick it up from this far away.

I think it's hard to give an accurate judgement for the amount of time to discover life beyond Earth. The exomoon is extremely far away and with the technology we have now, it would take many, many years for a probe to reach an orbit. If we, theoretically, discovered life on the exomoon, getting humans to the moon would be very difficult. With the (again theoretical) use of wormholes, the journey may be possible, but this is highly impossible to be developed in 10-15 years. It is not even known to be possible. Although, discovering life on these exomoon and exoplanets, in my opinion, is not so far fetched. We already have the composition of other planets that are similar to Earth, that have the similar compositions to support life. We do not know the technology that some of these probable life forms possess on these planets. Maybe the will reach out to us?
In my opinion the likely hood of other life forms reaching out to us and trying to communicate would be higher than the likely hood of us finding and attempting communication with other life forms. The reason being is that, like I stated before, I don't think the technology and knowledge we have regarding space in general is advanced enough for us to find and attempt communication with other life forms anytime soon. With the possibility of either the other life forms reaching out to us or us to them rises the question regarding what communication involves. The possibility of the life forms speaking a dialect we know here on Earth is there but the possibility of them having dialect that is not known to us is also there. Bringing forth an issue because we could potentiallly have no clue as to what their purpose of reaching out to us and communicating with us is, wether it is threatening or simply their curiousity.

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