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Mars rover targets Jerezo crater
(11-20-2018, 06:02 AM)Easton Huley Wrote:

NASA is sending a rover to mars in 2020 and is targeting the Jerezo crater as a landing spot due to the belief that the 50km wide crater could hold secrets to past/current life on mars. NASA believes 3.9 billion years ago, the environment could have supported microbes because the area was much warmer and wetter back then. Satellite images show that a river may have once cut through its rim and formed a big lake. Do you think there was past or current life on mars? What would the outcome be of potentially discovering life on another planet, even if it is just small microbes.

I love the idea that more and more missions to Mars are taking place and I would like to think that at one point life was supported on Mars. Hopefully, these missions come out successful and we are able to find some sort of life on Mars as it would mean that one day we could possibly go out there. I would love to visit Mars one day, but I'd think that it will be a long time until we get people on there. The idea in the article about possibly making oxygen on Mars makes this Red Planet expedition even more exciting as we might actually be able to breathe on Mars. Of course those are only possibilities and nothing is for certain, but all we can be is hopeful for the future. This mission, along with other missions like Insight, continue to aim to expand our knowledge instead of keeping to what we know. Maybe one day we can have a second planet and become like a science fiction story.

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