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Dead Salmon are Good for Plants
This is a prime example of the circle of life on a completley natural level. This accidental experiment not only shows that decomposing salmon allow trees to grow at a quicker rate, it also shows something on a deeper level. The discovery influences the idea that natural and organic things are able to interact and help each other in various ways in order to ensure that everything is being reused and recycled, nothing in the natural world goes to waste because it can, in this case, make the surrounding trees grow faster than normal. This experiment also shows the contrast between the natural, organic world and the industrialized, man-made world that has take over a huge amount of our planet. As I said before, everything in natural and untouched by humans is able to carry out the natural cycle of life and in my opinion reducing almost or all waste, whereas in the man-made world there are materials that we made that are not able to be broken down naturally, like plastic, that create a large amount of waste that is then sent to a landfill, never really breaking down. 

If the industrialized world took on a more natural way of life, I believe a lot of our environmental issues would fade and be eliminated. With that being said, I think it would be very difficult to do so as well as the production of even more conflict between opinions would be a result in which it would have to be dealt with. The worlds population is a lot ore aware of our environmental issues and waste than it was years ago and there are efforts towards helping the planet taking place already and I think this article really supports those efforts and the importance of awareness of waste and the natural world.

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