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Palm Oil Destroying the Rain Forest
(12-01-2018, 02:23 PM)Matthew Ahmadi Wrote: It is good that individuals are standing up not only for themselves but for the environment around them and that animals also live with us and it shouldn't just be all about us. I agree that these company's need to now the limits of deforestation as not only are they destroying the homes of many animals but also they are destroying the trees to obtain the palm oil. It is good that people are standing up for the animals who live in the path of the deforestation for palm oil and that people aren't just letting in happen and not do anything to help these animals.

I agree with you as well Matthew. I believe that us as humans need to pay more attention to what surrounds us here on our planet. Many of the things we currently have and use today come from animals, and if we destroy their ecosystems we may as well say goodbye to what we enjoy. We must treat the animals as if they were our friends, they help us, so why don't we help them?

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