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CO2 emissions on the rise for the first time in four years
(11-29-2018, 03:40 PM)BenNourse Wrote:

This post talks about how co2 emissions are on the rise and ways to prevent it.
The United nations says the emissions are on the rise because of economic growth in the past few years.
The united nations also says that the peak of cutting emissions should have been close to done by 2020 but now they think that the pairs climate pact will not be completed until 2030.
They say to help with this problem to raise the emissions tax on bigger companies.
I think this is a good idea to raise the taxes on carbon emissions since these emissions are a big factor to the global heating

I agree. Our government here in Alberta has taken these steps in order to reduce our carbon footprint. With the carbon tax, it is meant to influence Albertans to think greener when making purchases. The less greener a customer thinks, the bigger the hole in their wallet becomes for not doing so. This is meant to phase Alberta out of a CO2 based economy on oil into a province that can still be an economic leader, but in a much greener way.

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