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the extinction crisis
(12-01-2018, 09:25 AM)Zachary Tavares Wrote: I disagree that the Earth is going through and extinction crisis. The population of humans increases everyday, and the 7 billionth human was recently born a few years ago. If anything, the Earth is eventually going to become to crowded to fit all of its citizens. Unless there is some sort of apocalypse, humans will never go extinct. However, there are certain species' of animals that might, or already have, and this is not good. Loss of biodiversity is not good for the planet, so we need to do what we can to prevent any more animals from going extinct.

I agree with Zachary. I don't believe that humans are going through a extinction crisis as we are increasing everyday and that the earth while be getting crowded. I believe that as our population does grow we will need more space for us and more resources. We might run out of resources but we have farmers, we breed animals for there meat and replant seeds from fruits. We may run out of resources but I don't think we will. But I do agree that since we are growing we are destroying ecosystems for us to expand land for people to make homes and live in. We may not be going extinct but the animals around us maybe going extinct as we are cutting down forests, putting waste into the water and even polluting the air with factory's which produce gas emissions.

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