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Why are Whale getting Stranded?
(12-01-2018, 11:33 AM)Eric Jude Jacob Wrote:

This article is about how 51 pilot whales that died after becoming stranded on a beach in the Chatham Islands. This phenomenon is becoming uncommon as it has become more and more frequent over the recent years. While the exact reasons remain unclear, experts say malnourishment, illness and warming waters may add to the causes. In my opinion the human impacts of population, shipping noise and military sonar have added to the whales beaching.
I agree strongly with this Eric. Our recklessness has simply just caused things like mass amounts of whales to begin beaching. We must correct what we do that directly causes this to occur, which is most likely our habit of pollution. The ocean is home to many magnificent sea creatures including these ways, and our ways of pollution is having drastic effects on their home. It is important to know that it is not only the whales we are effecting, but we are also affecting every other sea creature, without the ocean we are nothing. We need the fish as they help feed many of us, and eating fish that is contaminated with our garbage is unhealthy for all parties involved. We have the time to correct this, but we must act, and act now.

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