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New Plant Species Found This Year

Plant collectors have searched for the hidden wonders of the plant world for centuries and yet plants that are new to science are still being described from this day. Scientist discovered and named over more than 100 new plants in 2018 and include carnivorous pitcher plants, exotic orchids and climber with untapped medicinal powers. With these new herbs being found, scientist believe that they may have found a flower that could be a future cancer medicine.

It is amazing that scientist are finding new herbs each years as these herbs can help us with illnesses that we fight against each day such as cancer. it is astonishing that we are discovering more and more of what this planet has to offer and use it to our advantage. If we continue to discover more and more herbs we might even find the possibility for a cure for some of the most deadly diseases that can be found on earth and stop if from causing any more havoc to people in this world.

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