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Genetically modified Plants

scientists in the US engineered tobacco plants to grow about 40% faster and larger. The scientists think they can do this to more important crops including rice and wheat. They chose to modify tobacco plants they are quick and easy to do so.

 I think this is a good step in the right direction for the future because of our increasing population we will need more agricultural food. it is estimated the demand for crops will go up by 60%-120% by the middle of this century.
I also agree, increasing the size and speed of growth of important crops will be highly beneficial to the world, and help more people in the world have access to food, if the higher crop yields are used correctly. Scientific research and experiments going into this project, I believe, are a good example of society trying to better the world and give more people a better quality of life.
I also agree that this could lead to new methods of working towards providing more people around the world with food and support our growing population. With this though I do believe there are a couple of potential problems with it, one being the fact that this could become costly as well as this new technology would require more farm land and that requires clealy land. This problem involves two main complications; environmental issues (clearing land destroys ecosystems and habitats) as well as space issues (we have already used a majority of our land and will eventually run out of it). Both of these problems will lead to complications that will need to be addressed or the new method of farming may not be effective.
I definitely agree in terms of discussing whether or not this could lead to new methods of working towards providing more people around the world with food and support, however i'd be interested to know exactly what is being done, and if theirs any harm being done to the crops while enhancing the rate at which they grow. If not though, I definitely believe this is something that should be funded as it can increase the speed of growing, and producing crops by almost twice as fast!
This is definitely an amazing plan for us as when overpopulation happens, as you said, we are going to need more food for every human being on earth. It will become alot harder to keep up with our stock of food when the demand will raise 60 to 120 percent more the it use to be. By achieving this we can solve the overpopulation with food problem and not only that but we could also start to help the less fortuante countries with finding are buying forof for the people who live in that country. It would almost be like solving world hunger but only if we research more into it and that it actually works on the.

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