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Sudan's President Al Bashir's state emergency fails to end Sudan protest

Sudan's protest about better living and working conditions is not something new. Although, as the situations got worst over the past 10 weeks because of the increased economic hardships, which led to an unavoidable protest by demonstrators in the cities of Khartoum and Omdurman. The demonstrations first began on December 19 which focused on soaring bread prices, and soaring fuel prices which caused factories to close and lessen the employment stands of youth. Videos posted on social media suggested that protesters against the rule continued in Khartoum. In his speech on this last Friday, Mr. Al-Bashir invited the opposition parties to move forward and try to find out solutions for their current issues in the country. However, the opposition parties which are called the Umma and the protest organizers did not accept Mr. Al Bashir's invitation regarding working together, in fact, they called for more protesters to force Mr. Al Bashir to step down. The security forces have shooted protestors and used tear gas to stop the protests, which ended up with three people injured with gunshot wounds on Sunday. Mr. Al-Bashir announced a national state of emergency to last up for one year until the economic standing of the country is fixed. Beside banning public protests on Monday, Mr. Al-Bashir also declared regulating on transporting gold, and ban on trading fuel. Also, internet access has been restricted for the government to be able to block social media posts used by protesters to organize demonstrations. The security forces have been given the right at the city of Khartoum, to be able to do door-to-door searches for protesters and activists. With the arrival of the state of emergency activists and protesters have cleared that, their lives were already under a state of emergency because the government has been using force to arrest people without warrants and detain them without investigation which is absolutely not fair.

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