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Radical Parkinson's treatment tested in patients

In this new study, patients were given an experimental treatment called glial cell lined-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) in hopes to regenerate dying brain cells and improve Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's damages parts of the brain resulting in symptoms such as involuntary shaking, and stiff muscles.  Half of the patients were either administered GDNF via a port implanted surgically in the side of the head, or a placebo. On average, the patients in the trial had been diagnosed with Parkinson's for eight years but after monthly injections of GDNF their brain scans displayed images that would be expected of those who have had it for only two years after only nine months of treatment. Just from this trial alone, it show the effect GDNF has on regenerating damaged brain cells and and improving the symptoms of Parkinson's. Hopefully with more time and research, GDNF can continue to regenerate and improve the lives of those who suffer from Parkinson's as long as their no negative side effects that come with the experimental treatment.

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