Poll: Should Schools have a "No-Idling Zone"?
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Should Schools have a "No Idling Zone"?
Idling link - https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-47525885

I agree with implementing a no-idling zone policy near schools. Children in comparison to adults are more susceptible to the effects of toxic pollutants being released from these idling cars. Therefore, school zones which are so densely populated by these youth can be greatly impacted. As said by the world health organization, kids are constantly growing, and their immune, nervous, and other systems are still developing, so these toxins can cause irreversible damage to their body systems.

In 2016, the Mayor's office conducted an experiment where they got volunteers to go around, asking drivers to turn off their engines when they weren't being used. After a series of "action days" they counted that black carbon levels were almost 40 % lower. Black carbon can be linked to lung and heart disease. So, if only a couple "action days" had such a positive effect on the air, imagine making "action days" a permanent thing with no idling zones in schools.

WHO link - https://www.who.int/ceh/risks/en/

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