Poll: Should Schools have a "No-Idling Zone"?
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Should Schools have a "No Idling Zone"?
I agree with both of you. This is a very quick, almost mindless solution to reducing the amoutn of pollution in our atmosphere. I also agree with you in that children are at more of a risk to harmful diseases and toxins because they fail to be fully developed. However, the issue arises when it comes to enforcing a no idle zone. Yes implementing it will be easy enough, just like the implementation of play ground zones and reducing your speed to 30km/h BUT they are many people who believe that is way too slow or just simply disregard the signs without thinking of the possible consequences. Likewise with idle free zones, how will we ensure that this rule is being followed? There are photo radars that ensure people do not speed but how can we do this to ensure nobody is idling? Once again, I agree with you in that idle free zones should be implemented, I am just not sure how effective they will unless there is a way to enforce no idling.

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