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Solar storm: Evidence found of huge eruption from Sun

Recent evidence shows that there was a huge blast of radiation from the Sun that hit our Earth more than 2000 years ago. Ice cores from Greenland expressed signs that solar proton particles hit the Earth in around 660 BC, this being referred to as a solar proton event. Modern day when these particles collide with the Earth they can knock out electronics in satellites. It, also, could bring health risks for astronauts and passengers on commercial aircraft that fly at high altitudes and close to the poles. At the time of the event, there would not have been any considerable signs of it occurring other than the chance of geomagnetic storms that may have triggered aurorae at lower latitudes than usual. This evidence was found by seeing radioactive isotopes, such and beryllium-10 and chlorine-36, in the ice (which are signs of cosmic origin). Researchers have identified two other major events from the past which left evidence in the ice cores of Greenland and tree rings (showing signs of carbon-14). However, the event in 660 BC does not have clear carbon-14 signatures in tree ring data. I believe that it is essential to continue looking into event such as these. It is important to know how frequent these large occurrences happen. I hope that in doing this we could plan for big solar storms in the future. Also, in knowing the frequency of such events, we could be able to better protect those such as our astronauts and passengers in commercial aircrafts.
I agree with the idea that knowledge is power on the topic of 'solar storms'. It is beneficial for people to understand what is going on around them, so they can be better prepared for it. Especially if these events can impact the lives of astronauts or people at high altitudes. These solar storms can be dangerous because they can leave astronauts and people at high altitudes exposed to large amounts of radiation. Not only can radiation lead to acute health problems such as skin burns, but it can also result in diseases such as cancer. Very high amounts of radiation exposure can even lead to death. It can also be a risk to those of us on earth as it can interfere with satellites such as the Global Positioning System (GPS). Not only are these systems used by civilians, they also have other uses. For example, they can be used to track the movements of a tagged animal to learn not only their territory but characteristics of their species. These systems are also used by the military, for example, to make sure a submarine is going where it is supposed to. All in all, being aware of these 'solar storms' can help us better prepare if/when another one comes in the future.

I agree with both of you when saying that having more knowledge about solar storms and how often they occur or tracking them would be very beneficial to various aspects or people on Earth. I also believe that with this knowledge, we would be able to learn what to do in the event of a solar storm. Just like people know the procedures in the event of a hurricane, earthquake or tornado, for example. Overall I think more research into all aspects of solar storms will benefit human kind.

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