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Exoplanet tally set to reach 4000

An exoplanet is a planet that orbits a star outside of the solar system, and the number of these plants that have been discovered is set to hit 4000. These discoveries are mind blowing to me as it really makes me think about how much stuff there is out in space that has literally nothing to do with us. I think many people on this earth (Donald Trump) have developed the sort of mindset that places them as being one of the most important beings in the universe. Just reading about the number of space discoveries being made, in my opinion, would really humble people with an overdeveloped ego. But the probability of Donald Trump reading science articles and understanding them is probably not very high. Overall, the idea of discovering more and more of space, possibly coming closer to finding other life, is incredibly exciting.
I agree with you! This is a very exciting and mind blowing fact to learn. Not only did I find the 4000 mark interesting, but in reading the article it states that there are a further 2423 candidates detected by the Kepler telescope; with the latest exoplanet added being the Super Earth GI 686 b. This exoplanet orbits a red dwarf star- a type cooler than our sun- and was discovered just using ground telescopes. Despite there being discrepancy between two catalogues due to differing acceptance criteria, I still find this whole thing interesting! In reading, I also found the "wobble" early method of detecting new worlds neat. I am excited to see what new knowledge comes with the discovery of more exoplanets.
I agree with both of your opinions. The number of exoplanets having hit 4000 does set into perspective that we are not the center of the universe, in fact we are not even close to it! All of the exoplanets we know about now not only shows people that there is more to our life than what we can see and we are not the most important thing but it brings the possibility of other life forms into the question. Other life could be a positive or a negative discovery, positive as we could learn from and possibly collaborate with these live forms but negative in that we may not know exactly what the life form is and it may not know what we are, leading to possible dangers. Overall, I think the discovery of exoplanets is positive and affects many things here on Earth.

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