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Melting glaciers on Everest expose the bodies of climbers

As if scaling mount Everest was not already a daunting task, climbers are now faced with a new mental challenge as they set out on an already insurmountable challenge- the re-emergence of dead climbers frozen in time during their final moments.

This article states that due to global warming and the movement of the glacier, bodies have been re-emerging on the surface of Mount Everest. After reading about the vast amount of people left up there on the mountain, I began to wonder why all the bodies were left up there with out any effort to remove them. I then found out that it cost approximately $40,000 to $80,000 to recover the bodies from the mountain. Also, Alan Arnette, a noted mountain climber, stated that the majority of climbers actually want to be left on the mountain if they do happen to die while climbing. It is really chilling to think that as the glacier melts more and more bodies are being exposed, and most likely won't be removed unless special circumstances say otherwise.
Reading about this and imagining what it would be like to see the bodies on the mountain really is so crazy to think about. I had the same questioning about why the bodies would simply be left up there, but personally if I trained and worked hard to do something like that and ended up there that probably where I would want to be left. I've read that apparently some frozen bodies are used as  markers for other climbers so they know how high they've reached. Even just climbing Mount Everest would be a challenge, but it would be even more difficult to have to see others who were in the same position as you are, and be reminded of the danger that comes with the climb.

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