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All-women spacewalk cancelled

Honestly I first read about this on Instagram and I thought it was a joke. NASA recently cancelled it's first all-women space walk as they claim there will not be enough spacesuits mad to fit women astronauts in time. Having all all-women space walk would be inspiring to young girls who feel discouraged about going into the science field, and hearing that this historic event is cancelled for such a small obstacle is incredibly disappointing. Thinking about all of the incredible and difficult things NASA has done, it is hard for me to believe that the issue of "not enough space suits" is the real cause of cancellation. I hope to soon see an all female spacewalk, and hopefully all of the female astronauts will be provided with the proper equipment needed to do their jobs.
When you think of NASA you would think of the largest space programs in the world. One would think that NASA will a spending budget of 19.3 billion US dollars would see this obstacle as irrelevant. It it really disappointing to hear that the first all female spacewalk was canceled as a result of not have a properly fitting space suit. If one of the largest space programs in the world has a shortage of size medium space suits, then it must really bring to mind the lack of interest in space by the US government. I also fully agree with what you said about this discouraging young girls to go in to the science field.

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